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The Bouquet

In the 1600's and for a long time afterwards people bathed extremely infrequently. The household would fill a bath tub with hot water, the man would bathe first, followed by all the other male members of the household, followed by by the women and finally the baby, which is where the saying, don't throw the baby out with the bath water originated. This usually took place in early May, but weddings were mostly in June, the bouquet became essential to cover any possible odour. Some bouquets were also apparently to ward off evil spirits and were made from pungent herbs, spices and garlic ..........lovely!



One famous suggestion is that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. This originated when arranged marriages were the custom and seeing each other may result in one or other running away. The veil would hide the new wife from her husband until the ceremony was complete and too late for him to change his mind. All wedding photographers who love the father seeing the daughter in her wedding dress for the first time picture, can you imagine what you may have seen at the husband and wife revelation. 

Some also say the veil was originally intended to hide the bride from evil spirits who were envious of her happiness, we prefer the first version. If you would like to see our collection of veils, some more opaque than others please pop in.


We now have seven rails Wedding Gowns  available in satin, lace, chiffon, tulle and elegant combinations of fabric in colours ivory, dark ivory, champagne, gold, platinum and soft pinks, up to size thirty. We specialize in plus sized wedding dresses and have something for everyone. With the imminent arrival of our new White One collection by Pronovias we are full of anticipation for the coming months in the shop......exciting times!


At the front of the shop we have a new Gent's Suit Hire department displaying Ultimate Formal Hire's range of traditional fit and contemporary slim fit suits with its own independent fitting room separate from the rest of the Boutique. Ultimate Formal Hire provides suits up to sixty inch chest, fifty four inch waist and thirty eight inch inside leg, with all jackets coming in five sleeve lengths including boys, as the sleeve length varies so does the overall length of the jacket to maintain correct proportions. Why not have a look at our gent's section or the Ultimate Formal Hire website, the outfit creator enables you dress up the young gentleman in any of the suits, waistcoats and range of ties and handkerchiefs available. This section allows grooms to decide what they would like on  their special wedding day. Ultimate Formal Hire also offers a free service between November and March where grooms only may select an entire suit  to come to the store to try on their chosen look. Our grooms also benefit from a free suit with every five or more full outfis.



So Gorgeous is proud to announce that our new White One collection by Prenovias has arrived, come and see this truly beautiful modern selection of elegant Bridal Gowns from Spain .The White One Wedding Dress Collection is full of stunning gowns created for modern practical brides who appreciate contemporary design and style and are also inspired by elegance.

We are delighted to say our our new collection of wedding dresses White One by Prenovias are proving to be very popular with all our brides this week. If you would like to view the gowns please make an appointment to appreciate their elegance and beauty.